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Committee Minutes

 Minutes of the Essex Section Meeting

Tuesday, 13th September 2016 at Colne Valley Golf Club

1) Apologies for Absence:

Apologies received from Rob George. Minutes approved.

2) Matters Arising:

Matters arising from the previous minutes were all dealt with during the meeting.

3) Communication Report:

CB reported that he was getting good feedback from text/emails that were being sent regularly and twitter feeds and facebook pages were continually being updated. The website page is still being managed by Arnold and it was hoped he would continue for another year. This winter CB would like to strip out some of the unused items on the website. He also said that any jobs on the website would only be on for 6 weeks now before being taken off. It was also agreed to take all sponsors off the website from 1st October until 1st November. CB stated that he was always looking for news, so please send it to him for Around the Green.

4) Treasurers Report:

The bank account balance stands at £3500.51. A proposed final draft letter was shown to all members and small changes were made, but all agreed this should be sent out to sponsors once CB/TS had finalised the list of current and possible new sponsors next week. It was agreed that the fee will continue to be £150 a year and if any money was taken after 1st November the sponsors name would not make the advert board or Fixture List. The treasurer said that the end of year accounts would be out mid-October as the year end was 30th September 2016.

5) Golf Events:

MF said all events had gone well this year with lots of new faces. The halfway house had been well received and he would recommend this was continued next year. He would like all entries to be text to him so he has a record of who wants to play. MF was hoping to make the qualifier for the Nationals at Thorndon Park next year if possible in August. MF would contact Rob George to sort out this date.

It was agreed that CB would send an email/text to all greenkeepers of Essex asking if any clubs would like to host events in the coming years. He had received some enquiries, but nothing was finalised yet.

Fixture dates would be confirmed by 1st November 2016 so they could go in the new Fixture List that would be handed out at this year’s AGM.

MF said that the Tri-golf match went well and would possibly have a new format next year with all of SE Sections getting involved. The Chairman thanked Farmura and Ernest Does for sponsoring the event again this year.

MF Said he was now working on the AGM at The Essex on 1st December 2016. This would be a team event.

6) Educational Report:

IN went through the two events that had been hosted this year and was happy with the turnout for both. He said that all events had been considered successful for all. He was chasing The Warren about hosting

the machinery day. The committee were concerned that the venue be confirmed by this weekend coming. IN would do this or look for a new venue. Ian asked the question of them and aeration seemed to be favourable, but IN would make the final decision depending on exhibitors’ preference.

IN was hoping to confirm next year’s educational events by February next year, but hoped to have a few in the diary by November.

It was agreed that the Essex Section would hire a minibus for the SE Conference on 17th November at Surrey Downs Golf Club. The Essex Section would pick up the costs for the bus and any members entry for the conference. Non-members are to pay the conference fee. TS to order minibus.

IN mentioned that MF had offered to give a small seminar in late Feb/early March. This is to be confirmed as soon as possible.

7) Any Other Business:

It was felt a good idea to have a foot-golf event at Notleys Golf Club in March. TS to organise this.

The question was raised about recruiting new members and where would sections get help. It was noted that Essex was getting a lot of new faces to events who were not members of the association and the section would like help recruiting these people. It was suggested that a roadshow for non-members be considered.

After a long discussion the Chairman asked if the RA could possibly attend the next committee meeting to clarify some questions that were being asked about roles of RA in helping the section.

8) Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting would be held at Little Channels Golf Club on 1st November 2016 at 1.30pm.

The meeting closed at 4.45pm.

Action Points

Update website CB Winter 2016-17

Remove sponsors from website CB 1st October 2016

Sponsor letter to be sent out TS 1st October 2016

Fixtures for golf 2017 1st November 2016

Arrange Education programme 2017 IN Winter 2016-17

Arrange Machinery Day IN/IW 1st October 2016

Ask RAs to next meeting TS 1st November 2016

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